Where it is used?

Smart Core can be deployed in all kinds of built environment projects. Whether it be during the bricks and mortar stage of base build, or later down the line for fit-out work, in buildings of all sizes, and even floors or sections of floors within a building.


Single or owner-occupied buildings and multi-tenanted offices where an exceptional experience secures energy efficiency, optimal space utilisation and improved productivity, talent attraction and retention.


Hotels, conference centres, sales suites or other revenue-generating spaces. A good experience means stronger brand engagement and reinforcement through technology with moments of delight that people want to share with others.


Enabling residents of multi-dwelling units and private residential schemes to benefit from the multi-site efficiencies that can be had with these types of homes. Having a great place to live maximises resident retention for landlords.


Helping to digitally enable new buildings as well as connect legacy building stock to create consistent experiences with inconsistent technology. Student experience is what matters most and directly impacts institutions’ bottom lines.

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Open Source

We believe this is the best way to engage the industry and build a community that also wants to solve one of the industry’s biggest externalities.

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Building operating systems will soon be the norm. Get ahead of the pack and make your building stand out from the rest.

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Our vision for Smart Core is to create a system which will bring wide ranging benefits to the entire industry, and to ensure it caters for everyone.

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