What is
Smart Core?

The past decade has seen technology in buildings take huge leaps forward, resulting in more efficient spaces through connected systems.

However, these connections are typically hardwired, making changing or upgrading systems time-consuming, expensive and impossible to extract and analyse data from.

Smart Core enables developers and landlords to meet the demands of today’s market by offering their tenants working environments that can seamlessly integrate any of their technical needs and requirements.

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Open Source

We believe this is the best way to engage the industry and build a community that also wants to solve one of the industry’s biggest externalities.

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Where it is used?

Whether it be during the bricks and mortar stage of base build, or later down the line – Smart Core can be deployed in all kinds of built environment projects

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Our vision for Smart Core is to create a system which will bring wide ranging benefits to the entire industry, and to ensure it caters for everyone.

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